Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral
Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
Des Plaines, IL USA

Welcome to the parish website of the Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral, a Russian Orthodox church located in Des Plaines, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Our church is a prominent place of worship for all the Russian Orthodox who live in Chicago and has as its goal the preservation of the spiritual traditions and the treasure of church services of ancient Russian Orthodoxy.  We are glad you are visiting our site and would like to invite you to acquaint yourself with our church and parish by exploring other pages. We hope to see you in person in our church where you will be able to enjoy the iconographic art, hear the splendid singing of our choir and to share in the joy of our Divine Services.

Weekly Calendar
Oct 15-21, 2018

19.30 - 21.00  Lubava rehearsal

18.00 - 19.30  Theatre group

16.00 - 17.00  Children's choir
17.00 - 18.00  Children's dancing
19.00 - 21.00  LUBAVA rehearsal


First and second sessions of school

Brotherhood hosting lunch
12.00  Youth rehearsal for ball


Cathedral Donations

Sisterhood Fund

Cathedral News
New school year - 09/08/18

Thanks be to God, on Saturday  September 8, the new academic year of the St Jonah parish school began, but this year in the newly completed building.  This has been a long-standing dream of the parish.  Finally the students are able to study the Law of God, Russian language and literature in appropriate conditions to the glory of God!

Labor Exchange - 08/22/18

Dear Parishioners!  With the blessing of Archbishop Peter, we are forming a parish LABOR EXCHANGE - a type of database for those searching for employment and services. If you are looking for a job, a nanny, a housework assistant, selling a car, etc., or are looking to hire employees for your company, please contact Nadezhka Ivanovna Evmenenko  at  n.evmenenko@gmail.com


Upcoming Services
Tuesday, 10 / 23 October
Optina Elders
8:00 Liturgy
Wednesday, 11 / 24 October
6:30 Akathist
Friday, 13 / 26 October
6:30 Vespers and Matins
Saturday, 14 / 27 October
8:00 Liturgy
6:00 All-night Vigil
Sunday, 15 / 28 October
22nd Sunday after Pentecost
9:00 Divine Liturgy
Wednesday, 18 / 31 October
Apostle & Evangelist Luke
6:30 Vespers and Matins
Thursday, 19 October / 1 November
St John of Kronstadt
8:00 Liturgy
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