Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral
Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
Des Plaines, IL USA


Welcome to the parish website of the Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral, a Russian Orthodox church located in Des Plaines, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Our church is a prominent place of worship for all the Russian Orthodox who live in Chicago and has as its goal the preservation of the spiritual traditions and the treasure of church services of ancient Russian Orthodoxy.  We are glad you are visiting our site and would like to invite you to acquaint yourself with our church and parish by exploring other pages. We hope to see you in person in our church where you will be able to enjoy the iconographic art, hear the splendid singing of our choir and to share in the joy of our Divine Services.

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From Fr. Andre - 11/29/19

Not having an opportunity to personally thank all the kind parishioners of Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral, all our friends and acquaintances, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for your prayers and response to my illness. I thank Vladika Peter and the parish council for their love and response to my troubles. Your love during the trials sent to me by God, greatly supported me.

Thank God, I am getting better, but the road to full recovery is still long. Every day I can walk farther, my hand and arm have more and more range of motion. My speech is improving.

I was so glad to return to our dear church and pray with all of you. I hope that I will slowly but surely be able to return to serving God and the Holy Church.

Again, I ask that you keep me in your prayers.

With love in Christ,

The thankful Archpriest Andre Papkov

Week of Nov 25 - Dec 1

19.00  OTRADA

No school

No lunch

Daycare runs daily from 7 AM - 4 PM

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Upcoming Services
Tuesday, 27 November / 10 December
Kursk Root Icon
8:00 Liturgy
Wednesday, 28 November / 11 December
6:30 Akathist
Thursday, 29 November / 12 December
6:30 Vespers and Matins
Friday, 30 November / 13 December
Apostle Andrew
8:00 Liturgy
6:30 Vespers and Matins
Saturday, 1 / 14 December
8:00 Liturgy
6:00 All-night Vigil
Sunday, 2 / 15 December
26th Sunday after Pentecost
9:00 Divine Liturgy
Wednesday, 5 / 18 December
6:30 Vespers and Matins



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