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Parish Chronicles 2011

Preparation for the feast - 01/02/11

Photo: Igor Alexiev

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Eve of the feast - 01/06/11

  Photo: Slavica Lazarevska

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The Nativity of Christ - 01/07/11

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Old style New Years - 01/14/11

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Theophany - 01/19/11

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Thank you to all who helped out with the clean up of the snow on the church property as well as by the residences of Archbishop Alypy and Bishop Peter!


This Sunday the church celebrates the memory of the new martyrs and confessors of Russia.  Also on this day is the namesday of Bishop Peter.  We wish him blessings, long life, health and salvation and Godspeed in all his work - God grant him many years!

Serbian Patriarch Visits Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral - 02/26/11

On Saturday, February 26th, Meatfare Sunday, His Holiness, IRINEJ, Patriarch of Serbia was greeted in festive fashion by Archbishop Alypy, Bishop Peter and a large group of visiting clergy.  His Holiness prayed at the vigil service at which the children's choir of the parish school also sang.  At the end of vespers, the children went up to receive a blessing from the Patriarch and were given small commemorative icons of the Mother of God.  At the conclusion of matins, there was a light dinner at which there was the opportunity for brotherly interaction  with the Patriarch.

The purpose of the Patriarchal visit to Chicago was the commemoration of Metropolitan Christopher who resposed six months ago and to visit the local Serbian faithful.

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Cheesefare and the Rite of Forgiveness - 03/06/11

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"Let us observe a fast acceptable and pleasing to the Lord.
True fasting is to put away all evil,
To control the tongue, to forbear from anger,
to abstain from lust, slander, falsehood and perjury"

Triumph of Orthodoxy - 03/13/11

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The service of unction is a sacrament in which the sick are annointed with oil calling down the grace of God to heal infirmities both physical and spiritual.  This service is performed in the cathedral every year during Great Lent typically around the time when the diocesan lenten clergy conference is held.  The service is generally performed only in the presence of a presiding bishop accompanied by six other priests.

Holy Unction - 03/20/11

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Work Days - 03/26/11

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Lenten Pastoral Conference - 03/21/11

Vespers & Matins

Photo: Liuba Kichakov

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Lenten Pastoral Conference - 03/22/11

Conference and Liturgy of Pre-Sanctified Gifts

Photo: Natalia Gill and Liuba Kichakov

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Funeral of Rostislav Ivanovich Diakon - 04/16/11

On April 13, one of the founding parishioners of our church reposed in the Lord.  Rostislav Ivanovich Diakon is survived by his wife, Liubov Alekseevna to whom we send our heartfelt condolences.

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Lazarus Saturday - 04/16/11

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Palm Sunday - 04/17/11

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Office of the Washing of the Feet - 04/21/11

Photo: Liuba Kichikov, Natalia Gill

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Great & Holy Friday - 04/21/11

Vespers and Procession with the Shroud

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Great & Holy Friday - 04/22/11

Matins of Holy Saturday and Lamentations

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Great & Holy Saturday - 04/23/11

Vespers and Liturgy of St. Basil
15 Old Testament Readings

Photo: Liuba Kichikov, Igor Alekseev

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The Pascha of Our Lord - 04/24/11

Photo: Liuba Kichikov, Dmitry Makdim

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Bishop Peter's reception - 04/25/11

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Bright Saturday - Children's holiday - 04/30/11

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Sunday of the Myrrh-bearing women - 05/08/11

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On Sunday, May 22nd following the Divine Liturgy, the graduation ceremony for the St. Jonah of Manchuria parish-church school took place.  The parents hosted a hearty and delicious lunch.  The children's choir which has been singing parts of the vespers service on Saturdays began with singing a prayer.  The smallest students entertained the viewers with their delightful songs.  The older students presented a play entitled "The Cat's House".  The children played their roles with great enthusiasm.  (We would also like to note that the stage now has a new curtain.  Thank you to those who donated this!)  The dance group then performed with great energy.  Finally, a big thank you to all of the teachers for their hard work educating the new generation of students.  Rest up and enjoy the summer break so as to return ready to resume your studies!


Pentecost - Trinity Sunday - 06/12/11

Photo: Darina Molkina

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Preparation for Pentecost - 06/11/11

Photo: Olga Moreva-Naidzions

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Clean-up day - 06/18/11

On Saturday, June 18, the Brotherhood assembled to help clean up the church yard and new building so that construction may resume on the future school and parish center.  Many thanks to all who participated for the good of the church!

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Church moves to the parish hall - 07/10/11

Let us give thanks for everything to God!  Following Divine Liturgy on July 10th, the icons, stands and chairs were all moved out of the church and into the parish hall to prepare for the upcoming refinishing of the floors.  In addition, the candlestand and counters in the entryway were completely removed in preparation for repainting and replacement of carpets.  Because of the large multitude of worshipers, including visitors from other local parishes, who stayed to help with the move, everything was completely accomplished within the space of an hour.  The sisterhood thanked everyone afterwards with a light meal.

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Feast of SS Peter and Paul - 07/12/11

The first service in the parish hall was served on the eve of the feast of the holy apostles SS Peter and Paul.  Due a terrible storm earlier in the day, there was no electricity to the church property and when the service started it was actually quite hot and humid.  But what a blessing when people thought to themselves, "it's good that they didn't cancel services anyway" because half way into the service, the electricity and AC were restored!  Bishop Peter announced that he would be serving the Divine Liturgy the next day in camp and therefore he congratulated all of those celebrating their namesday, especially our Pyotr Ivanovich for all that he does for the church.  Afterwards, many people commented on what a cozy and prayerful atmosphere they found it to be in our "temporary" church.

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Feastday of the Great Princess Olga - 07/24/11

On July 24 the Brotherhood and Sisterhood congratulated all of our Olgas. The celebration of ones saint's day is one of the expressions of Christian love to one another. In an ideal Christian community one derives joy first and foremost from communing of the Holy Mysteries. How wonderful to continue this celebration through the expression of support and love from others in celebratng the holiday of their heavenly intercessors! We congratulate all the Olgas of our parish on their namesday!

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Sunday of the Fathers of the Six Ecumenical Councils - 07/31/11

On the day of the commemoration of the Fathers of the Six Ecumenical Councils, the morning began with hierarchical Divine Liturgy in the parish hall.  At the end of the liturgy, several gramotas were awarded:  (1) to Margarita Horvat for her many years of singing in the Pontifical choir, (2) to Olga Shukin for her many years of singing in the Pontifical choir, and (3) to the Sidorenko family who will be returning to Russian for their tireless work with the school and ORPR camp.  We wish them all continued success!  As the renovations in church have neared completion, this Sunday also marked the move back from the parish hall into the temple of all the candle stands, kiots, and altar items.  Once again, many thanks to all of those who stayed to help with the move - with all of the helping hands, this was carried out in less than an hour!  To thank everyone, the Brotherhood held a picnic barbeque outside.  Meanwhile, the school held a farewell lunch for the Sidorenko family in the parish hall.

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On August 10th, a panikhida was served on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky).  The cathedral clergy were joined by Bishop Longan and several other Serbian clergy in remembering the founder of the Russian Church Abroad.  Metropolitan Anthony served as first hierarch in Sremsky-Karlovtsy for 15 years.  He is buried in Belgrade.


Vigil service - 08/18/11

Photo: Olga Morina-Naidzions

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Divine Liturgy and Blessing of the Fruit - 08/19/11

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Matins with the Order of Burial Service and Midnight Liturgy - 08/28/11

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Second (late) liturgy - 08/28/11

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The new school year at the St. Jonah of Manchuria Orthodox school began on Saturday September 10th with a molieben service and blessing of the children.  For those still interested in enrolling children, please see the school webiste page here.

Protection of the Mother of God

Parish feast day


On Sunday October 30th during the Divine Liturgy officiated by Bishop Peter, Reader Alexander Petrowsky was ordained to the deaconate.  Father Alexander has been assigned to the St. Innocent parish in Wheaton, IL to assist the pastor, Fr. Jeremiah Loch.  In attendance at the Liturgy on Sunday were Fr. Jeremiah and a great number of his parishioners.  We wish the newly ordained Fr. Alexander many years in his service to God and the church as a deacon.  AXIOS!


From November 3-6, a small group of parishioners from the cathedral traveled to the Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, New York.

On Saturday, November 5th the Liturgy of Apostle James was served in the Cathedral on the feast of St. James.  This ancient liturgy differs in many ways from that of St. John Chrysostom which is the most commonly served in current practice.  Typically the Liturgy of St. James is served once a year on this holiday.  <To see and hear more...>

On Sunday, November 13, the cathedral choir under its director Dr. Michael Gill participated in an annual choral festival at Holy Resurrection Cathedral which was sponsored by the Serbian Singing Federation.  Several groups from local churches performed including an ensemble under the direction of Protodeacon Vadim Gan which sang a program of Russian folk music.

Choir Festival - 11/13/11

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On Sunday, November 20th, following the Divine Liturgy which was celebrated by Bishop Peter and the cathedral clergy together with Fr.  Matthias Korchilava from the Georgian Orthodox church, a lunch and concert took place in the parish hall.  The occasion was the recent release of a CD entitled "Colorful Characters" by the Alioni Georgian ensemble.  Listeners were treated to a Gerogian feast and song both of which were appreciated by all.  Anyone interested in joining the ensemble or obtaining a copy of the CD should call 312-286-2923.

Georgian Concert - 11/20/11

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