Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral
Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
Des Plaines, IL USA
Pontifical Choir

The choir participates in the Divine services of our Holy Church, singing in the Orthodox style without instruments. They accompany and adorn the services with the hymns which convey prayers, doxology and teachings of the church

Friday, 4 / 17 January
8:00 Royal Hours
6:30 Vespers and Matins
Saturday, 5 / 18 January
Eve of Theophany
8:00 Liturgy and blessing of water
6:00 All-night Vigil
Sunday, 6 / 19 January
9:00 Divine Liturgy and blessing of water
6:00 Vespers and Matins
Monday, 7 / 20 January
Synaxis of the Forerunner
8:00 Liturgy
Friday, 11 / 24 January
St Theodosius the Great
6:30 Vespers and Matins


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