Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral
Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
Des Plaines, IL USA
Feast of Pokrov 2012

A number of very important events in the life of the cathedral took place between Oct 12 and 14, 2012.  On the evening of October 11th, clergy and delegates from parishes throughout the diocesan began arriving in Chicago at the Cabrini Retreat Center for the 2012 Diocesan Assembly. Many arriving in Chicago stopped by the cathedral on the way to the conference center to hear Vespers and Matins.

The Assembly began with an hierarchical Divine Liturgy celebrated by Bishop Peter and sung by the Moscow Sretensky Monastery choir which happened to be concertizing at the same time in Chicago. Con-celebrating with Vladika was Bishop Longin of New Gracanica (Serbian Orthodox Church) and also in attendance was Archbishop Nikolai of the Romanian Orthodox Church. The many visiting clergy, delegates and visitors to the cathedral were treated to the impressive and vocally powerful male choir - widely considered one of the best in Russia - who sang at the service which opened the Diocesan Assembly.

Divine Liturgy - 10/12/2012

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Returning to the conference center following the Divine Liturgy, the Assembly officially convened with greeting and opening remarks by Bishop Peter, followed by presentations throughout the day on various aspects of diocesan life.

Early in the morning, of October 12th with the Hours read at 7 AM, Divine Liturgy was celebrated in English by Fr. John Whiteford of St. Jonah’s Orthodox Church in Spring, TX and other diocesan clergy. At this service, the responses were chanted by a diocesan choir which was conducted by Larissa Sander from St. George’s in Cincinnati.

Returning to the conference center, presentations and reports continued, culminating in a discussion surrounding the content of the Resolution for the diocesan assembly.

A thanksgiving molieben was sung following an early dinner and attendees departed for the cathedral to attend the All Night Vigil service for the patronal feast day of the Protection of the Mother of God. This service was sung antiphonally between the Pontifical choir of the cathedral directed by Dr. Michael Gill and an English language diocesan choir directed by Deacon Alexander Petrovsky.

Vigil service - 10/13/2012

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The following morning, the two choirs sung the first half of the Divine Liturgy antiphonally and then combined to sing the remainder of the Liturgy as one.  At the Little Entrace, His Grace, Bishop Peter awarded Fr. Tarasiy Maksimtsev, rector of St. Innocent’s in Carol Stream, the right to wear a kamilavka and elevated Deacon Alexander Kichakov to the rank of Protodeacon.  Axios!  A great multitude of faithful visiting from various parishes partook of the Holy Sacraments. 

Divine Liturgy - 10/14/2012

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We were blessed by a window in between thunderstorms just after the Divine Liturgy in which a molieben and procession with the cross around the cathedral took place.  Many felt the very real presence of the Most Holy Theotokos sheltering us with her omophoron as the clouds briefly broke for a glimpse of the sun as the procession returned to the church.  Many years was intoned to His Grace Archbishop Alypy and Bishop Peter and then to the director of the pontifical choir and it singers on the feast of its heavenly intercessor, St. Romanos the Melodist.

Molieben & Procession with Cross - 10/14/2012

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A festal banquet prepared by the tireless labors of the sisterhood welcomed over 300 guests.

Glory be to God!

Banquet - 10/14/2012

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